You tango fashionistas probably know Taconeando, the shoe brand. Did you know however that Taconeando was also a tango song, with lyrics written by José Horacio Staffolani, born exactly 116 years ago?

“Taconeando” refers to the sound shoe heels make on the floor, and so go the lyrics…

Se fue el arrabal que hablaba de amor
y aquel taconear también se perdió.
The slums that talked about love are not any more.
And gone too is the sound of the heels on the floor.


For your hearing pleasure on our first Advent Calendar post, here are a few recordings of Taconeando by various orchestras.

Taconeando by Troilo

Taconeando by Pugliese

Taconeando by Fresedo

Taconeando by Gardel

See you tomorrow to open your next Tango Advent Calendar window! 🙂

Abrazo, Nati y Bruno