On 28th of May we bring you not only tango but also something new and exciting: a FREE ZOUK introduction with Lizzie & Marian!

The afternoon of tango will start with two special classes with our beloved Paula who will give her secrets on elegance and make you stand out on the floor (with sequences danced in couples). Lizzie and Marian will give you a Zouk taster (free for everyone to attend) so you can try by yourself and see what it is about. And we have invited Guest DJ El Negro Flores, from South America to play his great tandas. What a programme!

Milonga will finish at 8pm.


» 2-3PM Improver class: Elegance for those who start. Understand from the beginning of your journey, how to be elegant regardless of the steps simplicity.
» 3-4.30PM Intermediate Workshop: Secrets of elegance and decorations for leaders and followers. Elegance and precision are famous traits of tango dancers. Learn Paula’s secrets, and how to decorate with ‘adornos’ (for both roles) – what she’s well known for. Unmissable.
» Both With Paula Duarte
» 4.30-5PM FREE Introduction to Zouk with Lizzie and Marian. Demonstration at the end.
» 5-8PM MILONGA LOS ANGELITOS at Unity – until 8PM. Guest DJ El Negro Flores.


» 2PM class (60′): £15pp (+£5 with Milonga)
» 2PM class (90′): £20pp (+£5 with Milonga)
» Both classes (recommended): £25pp (+£5 with Milonga)
» Milonga only: £12pp (Zouk: free)