Sunday 25th of June will be special! We will welcome Maestros Leo Di Cocco & Ornella Simonetto to perform in a SHOW for us during the milonga – don’t miss them! Extraordinary skilled dancers, mixing Stage and Salon, their style is unique and intoxicating.

Paula and Bruno will give intensive classes on the theme of INSPIRING SANGUCHITO CADENAS – something you will love for its approachable creativity. Milonga Los Angelitos will welcome you in its warm environment.


» 2PM (60-min): Improvers. Sanguchito & variations. We will explore one of tango’s most beloved steps, the sanguchito and discover how to play with its musicality and shape.
» 3PM (90-min) Intermediates and Advanced: Inspiring Sanguchito Cadenas. We will use the sanguchito as a tool to create new cadenas, varying speed, direction, dynamics and adding adornos when it feels just right with the music. Absolute fun!
» Both classes with Paula and Bruno.
» 4.30PM – 7.30PM Social dancing Milonga LOS ANGELITOS for all to enjoy. SHOW OF LEO DI COCO AND ORNELLA.

Tickets available at the door.

» 2PM Class (60′): £15pp (incl. Milonga +£5)
» 3PM Workshop (90′): £20pp (incl. Milonga +£5)
» 2PM + 3PM
: £25pp (incl. Milonga +£5)
» Milonga only (no class):


Meet a true gem couple. They have just begun their journey together, and they have already made their mark in the most prestigious academies and milongas around the world. Leo and Ornella each pursued different careers in tango, with Leo standing out as an outstanding Stage Tango dancers, and Ornella devoting herself to improvised tango.

Now, together, they have combined the best of both worlds, resulting in a unique and unparalleled product.