THEY ARE BACK! This year we will start another Semi Private course for those who want to learn faster. Semi Privates in 4 questions.

What are Semi Privates?
Semi Privates: 2 (min.) to 3 (max) couples joining for an intensive private lesson with Academy owner Bruno V Abeele, to further develop style, musicality, repertoire or technique. All levels can be mixed as the lesson will be adapted to the couples present in the studio. A general theme will be proposed, and each couple will benefit from personalised advice and help. You are welcome to suggest topics.

Do I need a partner?
Best with a partner but if you have no partner we willl help you find one. if you’re coming to our group classes how about suggesting this to someone you liked dancing with?

What are costs and times?
Time: Saturdays at 11.30am for an hour. Finish time 13.00pm.
Cost is £37.50pp (or £75 per couple) per 90 min class.

If it’s fully booked, is there a waiting list?
Yes, and if we have enough registrations for another semi-private, we will organise another one.

Other details and location: please contact us.