On February 22, we were joined on the dancefloor by a large crowd of milongueros, who created a buzzing atmosphere for our first ever milonga Los Angelitos. Some of you said you felt like you were in San Telmo. A lot of you simply loved the quirky venue with its air of past grandeur. Have a look at the pictures below, they say more than a thousand words.

Thanks again for coming and see you back at Los Angelitos on March 15!

Click on the pictures to enlarge them and then on the cross sign to zoom in.

Snapshot from the class - A little warm up before the action starts!
Such a beautiful embrace...
Was it all just a dream?
Bruno, our diligent DJ for the afternoon!
About as busy as in Buenos Aires!
The well-stocked bar of our quirky venue
Did you see the grand chandeliers or were you too busy dancing?
One of the cool panels which creates Los Angelitos' unique atmosphere
Time to unwind...
Such a cool venue...
Serious? Tango?
Nice move, lovely connexion!
It was so nice to see you all on the dancefloor! Thank you for coming :-)