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With all the elegance of the Argentine dance, each lesson unfurls at its own pace like a well structured Tanda, seamlessly manoeuvring its students on an exquisite path to Tango competence.

In the beginner class, one can expect a delicious diet of ten staple steps, immaculately presented with lashings of advice and unlimited patience. The complexities of every step being diced into delectable mouth sized morsels, that can be quickly digested in a most effortless fashion.

Intrigued? That’s just for starters! Tanguito is a three course meal! With an appetite developing, the Improvers class serves up a nutritionally balanced array of spicy skills which peppers the student’s complement of steps with finesse and dexterity. This second course feeds the beginner with the nourishment they need to survive out in the wild world of the Milonga.

But that’s not the end! What meal would be complete without dessert? By now the once tenderfoot beginner is a seasoned diner and the final is a real treat for the senses. An absolute layer cake of tango, revisiting the classic steps but with added panache, icing off combinations with delicate adornments and real emotional content. Welcome to the Intermediate/Advanced class.

This is the set, but dynamic menu served at Tanguito.

I’m not done yet, and neither is Tanguito! for those with an insatiable appetite, there is always the option to order from the a la carte menu where a private, more focused setting houses a tailored lesson where cherry picked ingredients are infused to the diner’s order.

Already eaten? Just looking for dessert? No problem! Like all the courses, dessert can be sampled independently, there’s no enrolment just drop in when you feel hungry! Ok, so that’s everything on the menu, but who are the chiefs preparing this soul food for the feet?

Let me introduce Nathalie and Bruno. This pair of tango veterans lovingly prepare every class with real dedication, considering their students at every step. Their approach can only be described as holistic, stepping into Tanguito is really an immersion into the tango culture, the music, the lyrics (translated for the hard-of-Spanish), the etiquette, the shoes, the clothes and of course the steps and the shoes.

This lovely duo complement each other beautifully, always delivering the complexity of each step with the exact dosage of humour necessary to keep the class lighthearted and fun. Always willing to take questions, give advice, tips and encouragement Nathalie and Bruno are a joy to be taught by.

Marc Allen, Intermediate Class


Nathalie puts an elegant touch to Argentine tango.

I’ve wanted to pick up tango after dancing salsa and ballroom for years, so I am no stranger to the dance floor. However tango is a completely new challenge and I love it!

Even if tango requires technique, Nathalie makes it look effortless. After each class, I have forgotten all the stress of the week and I feel like I am just back from Buenos Aires.

Nathalie helps me understand the roots of the dance, the culture and I therefore feel that I am gaining a deep understanding of the technique: why it is necessary to move this way and what the philosophy behind the elegance of a ‘Bailarín De Tango’ is.

I find it highly reassuring to know that from the beginning, I am learning the proper technique and steps since Nathalie learned from the best in Argentina. She also spotted some bad habits I had taken over the years in various dances, and allowed me to rectify them at last. After a class, I feel like I did achieve a lot as we always start with a customised warm up that focuses on my weaknesses.

The good thing is that you can learn to run before you walk in Tango: it is definitely possible to start dancing socially before you can walk like a real Tango dancer!

Fabienne Maire, Private classes


I really enjoyed your lessons! Really! I recommend you to all my tango friends :). I love you Natalia!

Ela, Intermediate Class


With tango being very different from my other activities I was a little anxious when I joined a beginners’ group. I needn’t have worried. The tutors are great, creating a relaxed, patient and friendly environment that make the classes fun. Learning about tango background and culture is bonus too. Highly recommended.

GTV, Beginner Class


We had our very first tango lesson mid November. Our first impression was – it’s brilliant, and we enjoyed it a lot! Thank you very much!

Ania, Beginner Class


Before going to Tanguito’s group class with a date, I decided to book a private class first to reduce the nerves! The teachers were very professional, but also friendly and fun, so it made the whole day a really good experience! It’s nice to do something different and the other people in the class were also very friendly.

Sim, Beginner Class

I have had classes in a number of tango schools in London and I have to say that Nathalie stands out as a wonderful, patient but also very detailed teacher. She and Bruno very clearly demonstrate the steps and give a great explanation to all the little details that sometimes make the move work – or not, if you don’t get it right. Unlike in some other places the teachers observe you closely during the practice and give you tips all the time – and considering that the number of students is not massive you can get quite a lot of attention.

I think what is the most unique thing about the classes in Tanguito – from day one you will get a great focus on the technique. That may sound scary, and the lessons may initially seem not as packed with material (usually you’ll go through one move with some variations) – but it’s not quite the case. I’ve done the same move sometimes in a number of places – but it was always on Tanguito class that I truly mastered it. Tango as a dance is actually quite difficult and requires a lot of patience – but if you truly want to learn it and have the motivation, then Tanguito will definitely be one of the best places for this.

Liliana Ziolek, Improver Class


I went in knowing absolutely nothing and came out feeling both confident and excited by Tango. The lessons were easy to understand, engaging, relaxed, and most importantly, fun. I’ve even found myself practicing the steps when on the phone or standing on the bus. More than anything however, thanks to the course I now feel confident enough to give further classes and other dance styles a go…

James Fraser, Beginner Class


I am visiting London from Edinburgh and found Nathalie and Bruno’s class almost by chance but can wholeheartedly recommend them to visitors and residents alike. Nathalie and Bruno were friendly, welcoming and very helpful, not only with tango instruction but also with ideas for other tango venues in London and a physiotherapist. They even adapted their class to fit around a back problem which got worse on the night. They were clear and professional on the tricky topic of differences in tango styles. What I found really invaluable in Nathalie and Bruno’s class is that they danced with me and gave me individual attention and advice and were generous with their knowledge. As a follower I learned several improvements to my posture and walk, two new moves, how to step forward with confidence, I finally understood the principle behind boleos and some great additional tips; I even learned how to lead the salida. I look forward very much to meeting them again.

F. A., Intermediate Class


Great beginners Tango course with lovely teachers…. studio is good with big space and natural light at the back.

Andrew Latto, Beginner Class


From the 4 short weeks that I did the Tanguito course, I learnt a variety of steps to put together a short Tango dance with a partner. I discovered how skilled Tango is as a dance and how you can intuitively dance and move with another person without speaking. I think partner dances are rare in England and more people should learn how to properly dance with a partner and Tanguito can help you discover that.

Holie Belton, Beginner Class


I really enjoyed the discovery course at Tanguito. I can say that Argentine tango is without doubt unlike any other dance I’ve ever attempted and it’s opening my eyes to a whole new set of thoughts and feelings. It was a pleasure to be taught by Nathalie and I would encourage anyone to give Tanguito a go. It’s such a unique experience that you’ve really got to try it for yourself.

Nora Gurney, Beginner Class


It was wonderful. Amazing dance with amazing instructors. Thank you!

Ayse, Beginner Class


This is really fun! The more I do, the more I get to enjoy it! Hope I will reach your level ;). Thank you so much.

Eva, Beginner Class


Comme d’habitude, c’etait top! On se sent tres vite progresser, ce qui est tres appreciable. Merci beaucoup.

Raphaela et Alex, Beginner Class


Each week is more enjoyable than the one before. Xx

Neila, Beginner Class