Learning tango is not only about tango classes. Supporting you every step of the way (literally!) is the best approach for you to polish your tango self and progress quickly.

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We teach with an original technique using modern tools to produce happy, shiny, dancy people.

Our Group and private classes are fun, relaxed and structured to make you progress quickly, regardless of your previous experience.


And if you really want to take the fast train, we can give personalised homework, and we record summary videos of our group classes.

We take a holistic approach to teaching tango

We sincerely believe tango belongs to everyone. Tango was born in the poor neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires and danced by “normal” people, non professional dancers. In everything we do, we aim to make tango accessible to everyone.

That’s how we came up with our holistic approach to teaching tango.
It’s holistic because it’s not only the steps we talk about, it’s also the music, the culture, the etiquette, the milongas.
It’s holistic because we view teaching as a 360° matter – lots of stuff happen in our classes, and lots happen on this very web site, on our blog and our social network pages.
It’s holistic because we equally value technique and self expression.
It’s holistic because we want you to become great to watch and great to dance with.

Cross our hearts and uncross our fingers (and toes), we promise…

Feel free to play with the funky boxes below, they’ll tell you more about our promises!

We study each step in depth; there’s no rushing through pre-determined sequences. We think it’s important for you to create sequences you like, not sequences we think you should like. None of us is cut from the same mould after all!

It makes sense to learn in this way:

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  • Individual steps are easier to remember, meaning you’ll progress quicker.

  • Individual steps are also easier to mix to create your own improvised dance, helpint you express yourself. After all, you don’t want to be dancing exactly like the guy next door, do you?

  • In tango, you don’t have to step on every beat. Sometimes, music dictates half time, while at other times slower moves are called for. Learning individual steps gives you the freedom of musical interpretation.

  • In tango parties, it helps if dancers avoid bumping into each other. Tango is a ‘social dance’ after all! By learning individual steps, you will be able to smoothly adapt your next move to what is happening on the dance floor.

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Our classes begin with essential tango exercises to help you develop your tango ‘self’ both inside and out.

We will help you become an attractive dancer to watch, passing on the technique it takes to create beautiful tango from the outside.

Tango is not tango without a strong connection between the dance partners. For this reason, we encourage confidence and help you grow into someone who is great to dance with, enabling you to experience beautiful tango from within.

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Most of the time, men are the leaders and ladies are the followers (of course, we ladies only allow this when we dance tango!). No matter… Whatever your role, we ensure both followers and leaders get equal attention.

We also encourage role exchange – that’s how tango was passed on in the old days anyway!

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Every two months, we select a new orchestra to listen to in class. For each orchestra, we post facts, videos, lyrics on our facebook page. We also translate songs which we give away in class and post online. You might think that all tango songs sound the same but we promise you’ll soon have a favourite one that makes you swoon!

  • We explain the milonga etiquette so that you can make the most of London very active milonga scene.

  • All our classes are followed by a milonga, Buenos Aires style, with tradional music. We encourage you to stay, practice a step or two, watch other people dance, or just socialise. It simply is more fun this way!

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We know joining a milonga can be daunting and we feel there should be a place for those who started dancing recently to practice. With this concept in mind, we launched Milonguita in December 2011 and it’s grown to become the monthly rendez-vous of all new kids on the tango block.

Learning steps in class is great, but milongas are truly magic and Milonguita is a friendly, non-threatening tango party where you can practice what you’ve studied in class. As a major side benefit, you’ll meet new faces, soak in the atmosphere of a real milonga and discover the true essence of tango. No doubt you’ll be hooked…

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  • Structured classes starting with fundamental technique exercises. We like to frame the purpose of each exercise because we think you will learn better if you understand what it is that you are supposed to be learning!

  • Class summary videos: We record summary videos of all our group classes, for you to remember what you’ve seen and practice in between two classes.


  • Short video recordings of yourself. In tango, you can’t see yourself dance as there’s always someone obstructing your view: your dance partner! Videos are the best way for you to see just how impressive you look, or how you might improve a step or two. Recording is of course optional for those who blush easily.

  • Free self-assessments and assessments for those of you who’d like to keep track of your progress. We think our students should praise themselves and be praised when they’re doing well. It’s good for the soul.

  • Homework, that dreaded word that conjures up all kinds of awful. It is of course completely optional. There will be no name and shame and no pressure. We know you’re busy people.

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