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Our tango first dance story – by Gokce & Deniz.
Tango was a quite an unexpected and even a daring ‘matrimonial dance’ choice for us considering neither of us danced tango or took any salon dance classes in our lives. This is our story…


How we approached tango

“Having looked at a few random first-dance performances on You Tube, the moment we made our mind was when we came across to an incredible tango scene, with a dazzling tango melody.The melody was so fascinating that we stuck with our decision to prepare for a tango wedding dance!

“After some online search, we found Tanguito which website was quite different from any other tango dance academy sites with its content and approach to tango as not only considering it a dance to teach but also a profound cultural experience to explore together. Especially, various articles about tango, and interesting anecdotes drew us immediately and made our mind to attend a beginners Tanguito group class.

We started with tango group lessons…

“Our first class was really nice! Both Nathalie and Bruno were incredibly nice to everyone. They taught a crowded bunch the basics of tango, how to feel one’s partner’s moves without looking at the steps and various pivoting techniques.

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“The group classes have also been in a really fun atmosphere where each student was dancing with a different partner to experience a ‘mini-milonga’ feeling during the class. We continued the group classes two or three more times for a more solid foundation in our basic steps & postures and loved the feeling of being in a Tanguito community.

“However time was getting more pressing for us as our wedding date was approaching, so private classes seemed inevitable. During these, Nathalie and Bruno were extremely helpful: they not only helped us embellish a choreography but also added great dance moves and a dramatic finale! We also received great feedback from them and as a result, they brought us to a level where we were much more confident to dance. One week before our wedding, we finally felt that we were ready for the Big Day!

Our big day finally came, and with it, a bit of stress

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“Just one day before the wedding, we had our last couple of rehearsals during which we made some mistakes here and there. Our grand finale rehearsal did not go well. But finally, we said to each other no matter what happens we will have great fun!

“The Big Day came and finally, after the ceremony, everyone was waiting for our big entrance. We immediately had some worries about the dance floor – a little smaller than we had thought – but, having no time to gauge the size, we started our dance. The whole choreography went through surprisingly smooth and no moves forgotten. We were careful in our steps but (probably being helped by adrenalin) we were dancing beautifully and in full harmony; we were both thinking about how we are so different from the previous day.

Argentine tango London | Gokce and Dennis Wedding First Dance spacer_small

 “Then came the grand finale, a tricky move where the couple embraces each other slowly bending on one side in an arch position, the girl wrapping the guy and standing still on one foot. With a swift balance loss and regain, we immediately felt that that would be our most memorable moment of the dance! Guess what – they all loved it.

Overall, it’s been a truly special first dance (and a journey) for both of us, during which we had an amazing time. I’d recommend it to everyone.”

Gokce and Dennis