Are you new to tango? Learn Argentine Tango in Angel, Islington with London’s highest publicly rated school

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Start the amazing journey into the Argentine tango. In our classes, we use a yearly curriculum to produce happy, shiny, dancy people.

We’d like you to enjoy tango and its culture, so we go beyond the steps and explore tango music and its “milongas”, these incredible tango parties where everything comes together like magic. Our Milonga ‘Los Angelitos’ is very welcoming – a perfect place to make friends.

Complete beginners: you can join the complete beginner classes and start enjoying this beautiful and passionate dance from South America. But before you do: we recommend starting with a private lesson to ease your way into group classes – most people do!

Group lessons for level 1 (Complete beginners) are weekly on Fridays at 7pm, and you can start at any time. They are fun, friendly, and will be the best way to start your weekend.



If you are still wondering which class to join, simply contact us below or call (+44) 020 3560 0532.

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