New to tango

You might feel just a teeny bit anxious about attending your first tango class. You might feel you have as much natural flair as Silvio Berlusconi has trouser control, but don’t fear, everyone feels like that on their first day -and believe us, we’ve spoken to many, many people about tango. First times can be scary but a first time only lasts once. So, have fun, give it a go. Practice makes perfect, they say.


Laugh it off
Laugh it off

When you make a mistake (no one’s perfect!), laugh it off. When you trip up (unfortunately, our feet have a mind of their own it appears), laugh it off. Even if you fall on your bottom (bottoms are great cushions), laugh it off. Yes, we are all here to learn but we’re not back at school. Enjoy yourself. Tango was made to be enjoyed.

Forgive your two left feet
Forgive your two left feet

If you could dance tango on your first attempt, it would make you quite ‘special’, wouldn’t it, a little bit like someone coming straight out of the Heroes TV show. Better that you don’t, if you want my opinion… So, give it a go, have fun, and don’t worry if you feel you’re doing badly at first – I did when I started tango many years ago. Tango, like everything else, does come with time and when that feeling happens, it simply is wonderful.

Dance couple
Tango belongs to everyone

Tango attracts a whole melting pot of people, some who look like they were bred for it and some who might come as a pleasant surprise: so don’t fret if you don’t look like you’re straight out of Buenos Aires. Tango is a popular dance, born in the popular neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires and this is why we strongly believe it belongs to everyone. Age, previous dance experience, fitness level, culture or ethnic background, everything becomes irrelevant when you talk about tango.

Carlos Gavito, an Argentine maestro, tango dancer and choreographer (1942 – 2005) said: “I think those who say that you can’t tango if you are not Argentine are mistaken. Tango was an immigrant music… so it does not have a nationality. Its only passport is feeling.”

Tanguito - Our methodology
We’ll help you along the way

  • Structured classes during which we frame the purpose of each exercise because we think you will learn better if you understand what it is that you are supposed to be learning!
  • A focus on tango essential steps and not lengthy sequences, to help you develop your tango ‘self’.
  • Short video recordings of yourself, the best way for you to see just how impressive you look, or how you might improve a step or two. Recording is of course optional for those who blush easily.
  • Illustrated hand outs for our Complete Beginner course, so that you don’t forget what you’ve learnt between one class and the next. (We’re not afraid to admit we like books with pictures. We tango dancers are visually stimulated people which is why we included photos).
  • Homework, that dreaded word that conjures up all kinds of awful. It is of course completely optional. There will be no name and shame and no pressure. We know you’re busy people.

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