It’s always the same thing when I dance with a partner who has the same musicality as me, and who not only listens to the music, but plays with it, makes it his: I have the feeling that we are having a very deep and rich conversation, out of all temporal references. A conversation with no beginning and no end.

But when I dance with someone who is outside of the beat, I feel that this conversation is completely distorted. The ultimate qui pro quo: he’s talking about the scrumptious cupcakes his mum used to bake and I’m blabbing about my new neighbours and their dog. And at every step that I take, puzzled and baffled, I think: “why now?”

As for me, if I have to choose between a simple but elegant caminada on the beat or fancy steps outside of the music, I’ll always pick the first option.

If you wonder what type of animal a caminada is, check our glossary of tango terms . And if you can’t wait to try tango, have a look at our tango group classes or how to book private classes..

See you soon on the dance floor!