Join Milonguita, the tango party for beginners & improvers. Next: Sept. 22 (In collaboration with the Tango at the Light)

Milonga for beginners

Facing a milonga for the first time is always a tricky moment, a bit like standing in front of a room filled with businessmen, and realising we’ve lost the speech paper at home. We think tango should be for everyone, not only those who started when they were 5. This is why we’re organising a beginners friendly milonga, and you are invited!



Designed for those who 2 (or even 3) left feet…

Milonguita is a cosy monthly tango party for beginners and improvers, or generally for those who are still hesitant to mingle with more advanced dancers normally found in the usual London milongas.

We feel there should be a place for those who started recently. After all, there’s nothing better than putting into practice what you’ve learnt in class, meet new faces, soak in the atmosphere of a milonga and discover the true essence of tango. So, call a few friends and join Milonguita. This may well be your best night out this week!

Code of conduct (don’t fret, it does not bite)

Milonguita comes with a code of conduct, which is designed to make the experience of the milonga the best possible, so you can come back to bed with fantastic memories!

– Gentlemen, be as gentle as you can be in your lead (unless you’re dancing with G.I. Jane, that is). Remember, the ultimate goal of the leader is to make his partner shine.
– Unlike usual milongas where gentlemen invites ladies, in Milonguita both gentlemen and ladies can invite one another. You can even swap roles if you fancy it – very useful to explore tango.
– It’s perfectly OK to decline an invitation (both from a gentleman or a lady), but do it with a big, warm smile!

Where and when

We’ve partnered with Tango at the Light, in Shoreditch – one of the loveliest milongas in London. We’ll have a separate room specially for beginners so don’t fret, you won’t have to compete against uber-advanced dancers. Only if you want to!

» Next Milonguita: Sept. 22nd (Saturday), from 8.30pm, Tango @ The Light. – The Light Temple: Austin Street, E27NT, Shoreditch, London. Off Hackney Road, at the back of Shoreditch church (St Leonard), on the corner of Austin Street and Godfreys Place (private street).
Please note: there might be construction work happening around, so if this is the case and you cannot get in the Light, you will find another entrance off Hackney road.

» 8:30 – 9:30pm: Class for beginners. Learn how to manage the dance floor, and best enjoy the milonga.

» After the class – till you drop: Milonga. Happy dancing after the class. You can join the main hall at any time; drinks available.

» To get there: Tube from Old Street station, about 8 min walk, from Liverpool Street station, 12 min walk, from Shoreditch High Street, 5 min walk. Free parking just in front of the Light Temple. Bus: 8, 26, 47, 48, 78, 135, 149, 242, 388.

» Tickets: buy your tickets in advance during classes or at the door (£10).

Don’t forget to invite your tango friends! Happy dancing!


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