We’ve just come back from Buenos Aires and thought we’d share our love of the tango capital milongas. If you’ve never been to Buenos Aires, take heart, a tango trip can happen sooner than you think!


Why is Canning on our milonga tour map?

Salón Canning is an absolute must for any milonguero touring Buenos Aires milongas. It is located in the vibrant borough of Palermo, in the heart of Buenos Aires and attracts some of the best dancers of the tango capital.

Like most Buenos Aires milongas, it also operates as a confiteria (coffee shop). As you arrive, the maitre d’ will (normally) swiftly take you to your table and you’ll be able to order drinks and simple food. On busy nights, expect slow service though!

Something we’re particularly found of compared to London milongas: when you are up and about, no-one will come and take your chair, which means you can wonder about in peace!


Canning is like an old friend…

Salón Canning is one of the oldest milongas in Buenos Aires. It was opened by the Buenos Aires Greek community at the beginning of the 20th century.

The milonga is located on Scalabrini Ortiz Avenue, named after the Argentine writer, journalist, essayist, poet, and friend of Homero Manzi. What few people know is that Scalabrini Ortiz Avenue was previously known as Canning street. In Buenos Aires, street names change quite frequently but the locals often carry on using the old street names, so if one day, you bump into a milonguero talking about Canning Street, you’ll know he’s been dancing tango for quite a while…


What makes Canning so special?

Argentine tango London | Tanguito in Salon Canning Buenos Aires 2014 spacer_small

Salón Canning boasts one of the best wooden dance floor in Buenos Aires. It’s smooth and in our opinion, just slippery enough. It’s also square, which makes it easier to manoeuvre, especially when it gets crowded (which often is the case).

The music is top-notch. There are performances almost every night and live orchestras every Tuesday. True, Salón Canning can be a little bit intimidating at the beginning but it quickly grows on you. It is one of our favourite milongas in Buenos Aires.

(On the picture, that’s us at the entrance of Canning by the way!)


A few tips if you’re planning to go to Canning

  • Dress up a bit. Think smart casual at least. Jeans better avoided.
  • Make a reservation and ask for a table close to the dancefloor. This will increase your chances of successful cabeceo.
  • Canning is a traditional milonga, so it’s better to follow the traditional milonga etiquette. If you need a refresher, you can browse our “lost chronicles” or our “Buenos Aires milonga surviving tips”



Salón Canning, Scalabrini Ortiz 1331, Buenos Aires
Tel: 15 5738 3850 (every day) – 4833 3224 (Monday, Tuesday, Friday from 18.00)