This week marks the end of our Academic Term focusing on the Tango Dimension Size and on Donato’s orchestra. Time to review what you’ve learned!


Tango Dimension: Size

In class, you’ve seen quite a few different concepts around the Tango Dimension Size.

  • Embrace fundamentals: How to build a comfortable and flexible embrace and how the whole body can be used to lead steps.
  • Flexible embrace: The embrace is alive – opening, closing, changing shape. In this class, we focused on the americana embrace and creative steps from this position.
  • Grounding technique: We focused on the grounding technique to slow down in the walking, create boleos without pivot and a fancy pivot on two feet.
  • Lifting technique: In this class, we focused on a little square and parada for the beginners and then a rather original side cross followed by a sacada by the follower. Pure tango salon with a little twist.
  • Using hinges: In tango, we use the word dissociation to describe quite a variety of moves, which are meant either to keep the connection between partners or to make the follower step, cross, pivot… In this class, we focused on the subtle differences between each lead by using a few sequences we like.
  • Using the right side of the embrace: In this class, we saw the technique and a couple of steps using the right side of the embrace – a classic corrida and variations of the grapevine.
  • The art of rebounds: Rebounds offer more room for creativity than is apparent at first. They can be done together or not, in the same direction or not, in cross or parallel system, fast or slow.
  • Flexibility in the embrace: In this class, we spent time exploring how both partners could move independently from one another whilst keeping a comfortable and flexible embrace. We used creative versions of the cross to develop this concept.
  • Review: In this class, we reviewed some of the concepts we studied during the trimester. For the beginners and improvers, we focused on rebounds as well as americana and ochos. For the intermediates, we reviewed an arrastre, a cross/sandwich and a boleo.


Orchestra of the month – Carlos Di Sarli


Next term programme – March

Tango dimension: Size

Orchestra of the month: Juan D’arienzo