This week marks the end of our Academic Term focusing on the Tango Dimension Interactions and on Malerba’s orchestra. Time to review what you’ve learned!


Tango Dimension: Interactions

In class, you’ve seen quite a few different concepts around the Tango Dimension Interactions, these steps where the feet or legs have contact: sandwiches, pasadas, paradas, enganches… Click on the links to have access to all the class notes and videos for a quick refresher.

  • Sacadas from ochos.
  • High sacadas High sacadas are sacadas with thigh contact.
  • Sanguchitos: From the simple sandwich to more complex back cross versions.
  • Arrastres: Several versions of the classic foot sweep.
  • Pasada & parada: Several versions of these airy steps.
  • Combinations: Interactions can be combined so in this class we played with sacadas, sandwiches, pasadas…
  • Ganchos and enganches: Simple and creative combinations for the dancefloor.


Orchestra of the month

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Next term programme – Mid December to End of December

Tango dimension: Size

Orchestra of the month: Edgardo Donato