“Goodnight sir, have a lovely holiday”, chirped Lucy through a worn yet genuine smile as she clasped her folder shut. “Thanks Lucy and thank you for staying late” responded Sally, her manager, attempting to ignore a heavy feeling in her chest.

Although Lucy had never say it, Sally knew she’d arrived early to work every day that week. She suspected it was purely to check the cleaners had done their job properly, so that the office was presentable enough to impress the new clients: definitely not in her job description. She’d love to let her know that she appreciated all Lucy did, but if she were to thank her empty handed, well, it just wouldn’t feel right.

Okay so admittedly this story may have been slightly exaggerated… but there are similar situations out there. Over performers who just can’t help but put in extra to selflessly please everybody, both professionally and even emotionally. It’s these members of staff that would be sorely missed if they were to resign. Nevertheless, with the credit crunch and recession it’s simply impossible for managers to reward their deserving staff with a decent bonus or promotion in many cases. If only there was a way to prevent bosses from witnessing these hard-working, bubbly employees, slowly deflating. Well actually, chins up: there is.

Corporate Gift Certificates

Many of you are forced to scour the globe, pursuing a hunt for the perfect gift for clients, suppliers and business partners. Gifts that will leave them with the right impression… but is a box of chocolates really that memorable? Predictable and gone in a matter of minutes. Our tango gift certificates are (if we do say so ourselves…) the answer to all your problems! Save yourself from time-consuming browsing and stress by indulging the corporation you wish to impress with a gift voucher for either group or private tango classes. You and your company will stand out for doing something different – not playing it safe. The corporation you’re treating won’t forget a tango class; it’s personal as they will have lived it.

‘It’s on me’ Vouchers

These vouchers are for employees or groups of employees like Lucy. Is there an employee that makes your life a lot easier than it could be at work? Or perhaps there’s a group whose presentation saved you a large sum of money? Treat the staff you’d miss with one of our ‘It’s on me’ vouchers.

Team Building Workshops

If you’re involved in HR or if you’re simply sick of being blindfolded and shoved in a forest being told to follow a piece of string through mud and around damp yet spiky trees (although personally I can’t see what’s not to love…) why not suggest a team building activity that lets you keep your dignity? Tango is a naturally social dance. Our classes have you in partners for two songs before switching to dance with someone else. This way cliques end up integrating – a perfect way for staff to loosen up and get to know a bit about each other! As well as learning the beautiful Argentine tango of course…

Corporate Events

Looking for an activity for your work team to really engage in and enjoy? Whether you’re looking to motivate, reward or simply entertain your work force our corporate events are guaranteed to have everyone smiling and having a good time!

To find out more about what Tanguito have to offer your business, visit our corporate website.

By Emma Langschied