Workshop level guide

We have included a quick guideline to help you determine which workshops and tango boosts to attend. Remember, it’s better not to jump the gun and avoid going to classes that are not appropriate for your level. You might find it frustrating and struggle to understand the concepts. Tango is a beautiful journey and every stage of it should be cherished!

A quote from VeryTango which we really like: “Beginners want to dance like intermediates; intermediates want to dance like advanced dancers; advanced dancers want to dance like the greats; but the greats always go back to basics.” 🙂

If you have any question about your level or which workshop to attend, please don’t hesitate to send us an email: info [@]


Length of dancingTypically less than 6 monthsTypically less than 2 years of dancingTypically 2 to 4 yearsTypically 5 years +
PostureMight look at the floor.Can hold the posture but some basic elements still need working on.Can hold the posture and all basic elements are well in place.Posture is nice.
EmbraceThe arms might still move a bit independently from the torso.Can build the embrace but some basic elements still need working on.Can build the embrace and all basic elements are well in place.Embrace is pleasant and well balanced.
WalkingMight struggle to push with the supporting leg.Can walk in all 3 directions but style needs refining.Can walk in all 3 directions with no bobbing.Walking is stable and nicely styled. Transfer of weight is complete.
DissociationMight find dissociation difficult.Understands dissociation but can’t always use it.Can use dissociation at times.Can use dissociation.
PivotsMight need support to pivot.Can pivot but might lose balance.Can pivot without losing balance most of the times.Can pivot without losing balance.
Repertoire of stepsLimitedCan lead / follow the basic tango steps, such as the cross, the ochos, simple giros, the sandwich…Can proficiently lead / follow more advanced steps like sacadas, simple out of axis steps…Can use more advanced concepts such as out of axis work (colgadas, volcadas…)
MusicalityCan not always identify the beatCan hear the beat but cannot always step on the beat.Always step on the beat. Can express oneself based on the music.Is proficient at expressing changes in the music through dancing.
EtiquetteLimited understanding of milonga etiquetteUnderstand the line of dance and basic etiquette without always being able to comply.Follow the basic milonga etiquette.Feels at home in a milonga!