LMQF is back on THURSDAY 08.02 with special guest teacher and reknown maestra VERONICA TOUMANOVA!
120 min Workshop: ‘Connection and Communication with Veronica’, a masterclass on Tango technique focusing on enhancing the inner tango communication.

The workshop at 7.30 will be followed by a full on milonga exceptionally from 9.30pm, until midnight with DJ Winston.


► 7.30pm – 9.30pm: Special workshop for all by Veronica
► 9.30pm – 0.00am: DJ Winston. Tea and cakes.
► Workshop and milonga £20, Milonga only: £8
► Location: Unity, 277A Upper street, Angel N1 2TZ
► Remember: if you would like to perform at the milonga in the future just send an email or FB message

Nos vemos!
El equipo La Milonga Que Faltaba


Veronica Toumonova is back in London. Please make use of this opportunity to come and learn from one of the the very best of teachers of movement techniques!

This workshop will focus on creating and maintaining a great connection between partners and using movement to communicate in the abrazo. Veronica will give you the tools and explain the nuances behind what makes Tango work beautifully between partners.

– Warming up exercises for improved body awareness and releasing unnecessary tension from the upper body
– Find the correct posture alignment and connecting to the floor with balance and strength
– Exploring a more intense connection to one’s partner through movement
– Communication exercises to deepen our sensitivity
– Understanding the notion of “intention”. With the improved sense of connection, we will then improve our tango, making it flowy, sensual, bouncy and relaxed.


Veronica has been dancing tango since 2000 and actively teaching and performing since 2007. She lives in Paris and is one of the founders and teachers of Tango Mon Amour, a group of five professionals from Paris and Lyon.
She teaches in Paris and travels regularly to the rest of Europe. Her experience in modern dance and classical ballet allowed her to build a solid technique, further enriched by her experience with various bodywork techniques. She has worked with different partners, performing and teaching in France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Switzerland, UK and USA.

In her teaching she emphasizes musicality, connection in the couple and the quality of movement, as well as being a popular tango blogger: her essays on tango are translated in 16 languages and shared by tango people all over the world. She recently published a collection of nineteens essays in a book called WHY TANGO.