We have just completed our Academic Term focusing on the Tango Dimension Energy and on Ricardo Malerba orchestra. Time to review what you’ve learned!


Tango Dimension: Energy

In class, you’ve seen quite a few different concepts around the ENERGY dimension. Click on the links to have access to all the class notes and videos for a quick refresher.

  • Changes of enery: From low to high energy with sacadas, planeos, giros.
  • The cross: Slow cross, salida cruzada and cross into giro.
  • Romantic planeos: Planeo from forward ocho, backward ocho and sentada.
  • High energy giro with sacadas and boleos.
  • Soft giro with lapiz & enrosque.
  • Boleos From simple versions to more adventurous boleos in the air.
  • Review using corte, pasada, back crosses and men’s giros! Phew!


Orchestra of the month

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Next term programme – July / August

Tango dimension: Height

Tango dimension: Carlos Di Sarli