Juan Martin Carrara & Stefania Colina: Tango Summer 2019 (04/08 – 08/09)

Workshops & Milongas in August and September 2019. PRE-REGISTRATION RECOMMENDED, please send us a mail.

WEDNESDAYS workshops and guided practica:

» Wednesdays 07/08, 14/08, 21/08, 28/08, 04/09 @ LOS ANGELITOS:
» Beginners & Improvers: 7pm – 8pm
» Intermediates & Advanced: 8pm – 9.30pm
» Practica until 10.20pm
» Themes & costs: please scroll below.
» LOS ANGELITOS: Unity Hall, 277A Upper street, Angel, N1 2TZ


SUNDAYS Workshops and Milongas:

» Sundays 04/08 (Welcome Milonga), 11/08, 18/08, 25/08, 01/09, 08/09 (Farewell Milonga) @ LOS ANGELITOS:
» Beginners: 2pm – 3pm
» Intermediates: 3pm – 4.30pm
» Followed by: Milonga until 7.30pm. DJ JUAN MARTIN. Free tea, coffee and cakes.
» Themes & costs: please scroll below.
» LOS ANGELITOS: Unity Hall, 277A Upper street, Angel, N1 2TZ



All workshops include technique. Here’s the intensive summer programme taught in Aug. & Sept.:

» 04/08 (Sunday): TANGO: Sunday 04/08, welcome milonga + Linear & Circular Boleos masterclass. DJ Juan Martin, mano a mano con DJ Bruno!
Explore the secrets of the boleos, learn the difference between linear & circular boleos, and learn to adapt them to every direction. Improve boleo balance and communication.

» 07/08 (Wedn.): TANGO: Technique classes I (all levels): connection and embrace + guided practica.
» 11/08 (Sunday): TANGO: Technique classes II (all levels): pivots and communication + milonga with DJ Juan Martin.

These two sessions are an in depth “Tango MOT”! Exploring fundamental knowledge of tango, focusing on connection, embrace, communication, pivoting and technique aimed at being able to dance more comfortably and freely, whilst retaining quality of movement.

» 14/08 (Wedn.): TANGO: Figures in close embrace + guided practica
Unique combinations (very!) useful for crowded milongas. Changes of dynamics for playful dancing.

» 18/08 (Sunday): TANGO: Barrida masterclass + milonga with DJ Juan Martin
Exploring the 3 different Positions (“pre-barrida”, ”barrida”, and “post-barrida”) to get your barridas to the next level. Create your own barridas using your new technique!

» 21/08 (Wedn.): TANGO: the mighty cruce, technique and creative variations
Use one of the fundamentals tango steps and generate endless unique combinations! You will be surprised how much you can do with the cross.

» 25/08 (Sunday): TANGO: Adornos and styling for both roles including different techniques to develop speed and precision in decorating + milonga with DJ Stefania

» 28/08 (Wedn.): TANGO: Master the walk in close embrace + mini practica
Master the walk… One complete masterclass aimed at developing a deep understanding of what the caminata requires, from foot work, usage of the base leg, the free leg, posture, and elements of connection and embrace.

» 01/09 (Sunday): VALS: cadencia musicality + milonga with DJ Juan Martin
We will study the vals time signature and rhythm and learn the various cadencias for rich, beautiful val dancing. We feel it is crucial to apply the correct “cadencia” in the different Vals steps, to make your dance smooth and fluid. Fun guaranteed!

» 04/09 (Wedn.): MILONGA: masterclass + mini practica
Following the vals class, we will study the milonga time signature and how to play with the rhythm. Fun sequences to truly master milongas!

» 08/09 (Sunday): TANGO: surprise class with the maestros and Farewell milonga with DJ Juan Martin
On the the 8th, we will wish them farewell. They promised a special afternoon of tango with some surprises!



» £12: Beginner/Improver class (60-min) (+£5 to also include milonga on Sundays)
» £20: Intermediate/Advanced (90-min) workshop (+£5 to also include milonga on Sundays)
» £25: Both classes on Wednesday (+£5 to also include milonga on Sundays)
» £10: Sunday Milonga with no class (£12 on 04/08 extended milonga + show)
» Wednesday practica is free for students who attended one class or both



New Unity, 277A Upper Street, Angel, Islington, London, N1 2TZ. For info about access and map, click here.