This month, we explore the tango dimension “Immersion” and look at getting inspiration from the great dancers and masters of the Golden Age of tango. On Sunday, we had a look at Carlos & Rosa Perez’ style of dancing.

In this interview, they share their personal history and what tango means to them.

“The Tango was danced with a lot of feeling/emotion. The lyrics of the songs were things that happened to each of us in daily life, the street lights, the cobble stone streets, the love for the mother, love for the girl, a Buenos Aires lost in time. We all respected the codes inside the dance, we all stayed in the line of dance, even if they weren’t the great milongueros. at the same time the majority heard the music with the same critic, even though the floor was packed one could enjoy. It was rare to see couples colliding, it was actually frown upon.”

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