We are excited to organise for you our first intensive course (Tuesdays) on the theme of Orchestras and Musicality in tango – from understanding the music to adapting your dance to tango’s main orchestras!

For the very first time! We are excited to introduce our Musicality intensive, to give you real keys to understand and decipher the music, from melody to base rhythm or counterpoint, from bridges to everything in between – and practical applications with one orchestra every week, covering their style, and the stories behind to make you truly connect to the music!

Do you mix your countepoints from your bridges? Learn how to understand and identify the music, adapt style and steps, and get to know the orchestra composer and its songs – even with song translations to delve into the poetic lyrics! This course will be truly useful for leaders & followers. Each week we will look at a different orchestra and divulge little known stories about each of them.

After each workshop you will be able to practice during the free Practica, for a beautiful evening of tango.

♬♬ DATES ♬♬

» 28/05: Carlos Di  Sarli, El Señor del tango and his famous melodic songs (and sunglasses)
» 04/06: Juan D’Arienzo, el Rey del compas – the king of  the beat, and how he revolutionised tango
» 11/06: no musicality class as we have a special workshop with Pista World Champion Maximiliano Cristiani that day
» 18/06: Osvaldo Fresedo, and his balanced repertoire – and how he paved the way for the Golden Age
» 25/06: no musicality class
» 02/07: Anibal Troilo, and his rich and complex tangos, with variable nature
» 09/07: Osvaldo Pugliese, his bigger than nature personality, incredible talent and how he introduced a new tpe of music
» 16/07: no musicality class
» 23/07: Francisco Canaro, the precursor, and how he introduced a lot of how tango styles that became foundations for the other orchestras

» Classes with Bruno V. Abeele, the director and founder of Tanguito
» At Unity, 277A Upper st., Angel, London N1 2TZ
» It is recommended to join all sessions for best learning experience, but you can also join individual sessions. No partner required (although you’re welcome to join with a dance partner). No knowledge of music theory required.

♬♬ COSTS ♬♬
Tickets available at the door.

» One workshop (90′): £20pp (incl. Practica)
» Included in the “All Classes Monthly Subscription”