This is part 4 of our series of blogs about adjusting from choreographies or stage dancing to improvised tango.

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Q: Should I wear a tango costume?

A: No. Basically. This is not stage dancing to there is no need for a bold costume; you’d look like an outsider rather than blending as a regular – which is what most new tango dancers try to do. Instead, I’d suggest wearing something plain to your first milonga (black can’t go wrong), and have a look around at what other people are wearing and what’s in fashion. Usually mid-long length skirts/dresses that flare with a tight fitted torso are popular. For inspiration try having a look at Tanguito: Dancewear made in London ‘s website, where there are fashion tips, advice to suit your figure and personality as well as some unique and beautiful clothes to choose from.

Q: Anything else that I need to bear in mind?

A: Because tango is quite an intimate experience and because you’ll get quite close to your partners, whether you dance in close or open embrace, personal hygiene is very important. A quick shower before hitting the milonga floor is always nice, and if you can’t, baby wipes can make do. Avoiding pungent foods like garlic and onion is preferred, except if your dance partner has had some before as well. In any case, packing some chewing gum is always a good idea.

I hope these helped you relax about the transition between rehearsed dancing and improvised dancing. If there are any more questions on your mind, we’d love to help you! Comment on this post or contact us on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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See you soon on the dancefloor!

Nathalie and Emma