Welcome to the Milonga del viernes! We are looking forward to dancing on DJ Vinicius tunes this week, as last time had been absolutely fantastic! We will also give classes focusing on pivots, and more precisely how to achieve ultimate control in giros when things go slower, faster and change in the music. Beginners will discover Media luna variations, so a lot of fun in perspective.

The Milonga del viernes is open to all, to come and enjoy Friday night dancing in a great and spacious hall in the heart of London.


NOTE: MILONGA IS INCLUDED for all class students.

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» Beginner class @ 7PM, £14.50pp (£15 at the door) 1 PERSON | 1 COUPLE
» Upper Interm./Adv. class @ 8PM, £14.50pp (£15 at the door) 1 PERSON | 1 COUPLE
» Milonga only @ 9PM, £9.50pp (£10 at the door) 1 PERSON | 1 COUPLE


TONIGHT,  after the beginner class, we will focus on control in giros during the Lev. 4 class and dance non stop to the tunes of DJ Vinicius, and his awesome sets!

Workshop themes:

» Beginners class (7pm, Lev 1): Leading and Following fundations: MEDIA LUNA VARIATIONS – for those who just started
» Upper Intermediates/Advanced class (8pm, Lev 4): ULTIMATE CONTROL IN GIROS, in-depth variants and musicality for the floor
» Bruno V. Abeele and Paula Duarte
» Milonga del viernes, open to all (9pm to 12apm). DJ Vinicius Flores.
» Location info

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