We have just completed our Academic Term focusing on the Tango Dimension Embrace and on Rodriguez orchestra. Time to review what you’ve learned!


Tango Dimension: Embrace

In class, you’ve seen quite a few different concepts around Embrace. Click on the links to have access to all the class notes and videos for a quick refresher.

  • Open & close embrace: This is a very important concept, how to open and close the embrace as required in a step or sequence. We applied this to a mini sandwich, the mordida and the opening at the cross.
  • Activating the right side of the embrace: Another very important concept, how to build a balanced embrace and how to activate one side more than the other depending on the step. We applied this to a beautiful giro with a change of dynamics.
  • Flat giros: We feel it is important to distinguish the lead between a pivot, a side step, a change of weight and a change of front. Our “flat giros” gave us the perfect structure for beautiful and creative steps using this technique.
  • Tribute to Di Sarli: This amazing artist was born and passed away in a January so we thought about dedicating him a class in which we saw soft turns.
  • Mixed energy in close embrace: In this class, we focused on rebounds, another step which requires a good embrace and good technique. We started with simple steps before moving on to a typically salón step.
  • Mixed energy in open embrace: Starting from a simple americana, we explored more advanced steps including a giro with back enrosque. Classy.
  • Lifting technique: This is a great technique to interrupt moves and control the follower’s free leg mid movement. Applied to the cross, this technique produces airy moves.
  • Grounding technique: This technique is useful to stop the follower during her transfer of weight. It can be used in simple combinations or more complex ones like pivots on two feet with a back enrosque for example.
  • In our last class of the term, we used a few of these steps to create little sequences, and played with musicality.


Orchestra of the month


We have published quite a few posts on Enrique Rodriguez, our orchestra of the month. Time to learn more about him and (re)discover his music.

  • Rodriguez biography
  • Tango tanda featuring El encopao. Don’t miss the performance by Murat and Michelle – whilst their style is quite nuevo and a bit of a departure from the tango salón artists we normally select, we thought their musicality was absolutely not to be missed. We especially adore their asynchronic steps and their strong connexion.
  • Tango tanda featuring La Torcacita
  • Translation of Llorar por una mujer
  • Translation of Son cosas del bandoneón


Next term programme – March

Tango dimension: Speed

Orchestra of the month: Anibál Troilo