We have just completed our second Academic Term focusing on the Tango Dimension Interactions and on Donato’s orchestra. Time to review what you’ve learned!


Tango Dimension: Interactions

In class, you’ve seen quite a few different concepts around Interactions. Click on the links to have access to all the class notes and videos for a quick refresher.

  • Sanguchito: These are steps where we “sandwich” our partner’s foot with our own. We focused on sandwiches and several creative variants in our first two classes of the term: sanguchito I and sanguchito II.
  • Arrastre: We saw a couple of variants of these traditional “foot sweeps”, first from the ocho in the giro in our first class, and then in our second session a very nice sweep into the cross which we’re quite fond of.
  • Sacada: Sacadas are steps where we enter our partner’s space by stepping between their feet. They are mainly executed by leaders but can also be led to followers. We started with a simple sacada from the ocho and the giro and then moved on to a cute sacada from the follower.
  • Parada and pasada: These are steps where the leader blocs the follower and asks her to go over his leg (parada) or around this foot (pasada). We started with simple options and moved on to more challenging versions including a lateral cross we think is quite unique.
  • Gancho and enganche: Both are steps where one dancer (usually the follower) wraps her free leg around or under the leader’s. Ganchos are steps with a linear energy whilst enganches have a softer, circular energy.
  • In our last class of the term, we used a few of these steps to create little sequences, and played with musicality.


Orchestra of the month


We have published quite a few posts on Edgardo Donato, our orchestra of the month. Time to learn more about him and (re)discover his music.

  • Donato’s biography
  • Tango tanda featuring Mi serenata
  • Milonga tanda featuring Ella es así
  • Tango tanda featuring El acomodo
  • Vals tanda featuring El La tapera
  • Translation of the beautiful song El huracán


Next term programme – December

Tango dimension: Size