We were lucky, when building this website, to work with great freelancers, friends and artists… who all did a fantastic job. We’d like to thank them warmly and dedicate this page to them. We’re just sorry this page is a bit hidden, but at least it’s not in the footer, font size 6, in light grey against a white background like in some other websites – if there at all! So thank you all, we wouldn’t have been able to do all this without you.


Our heroes

  • Photos: (1) Mathieu Hutin, for all the atmospheric London shoots, (2) Armando Kinetic, for his enormous contribution to our clothing range shoots and tango photos, and (3) Andreea Vaidean, for the photos taken during CHE 2015 – a huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
  • Copywriting: Nora Gurney. The loveliest lady on the planet (and beyond).
  • Translation: Cecilia and Leo, our amazing porteño milonguero friends.
  • Back-office magic: Ronny, Hendra and plenty of others we haven’t met, behind all these cool plugins.

We’ll stop there or it’ll look like these boring moments at the Oscars (you know… “I’d like to thank my grandma, my great grant uncle on my father’s side, my dog Snoopy…” Yawn yawn). But there are plenty of other great people who helped us, so thank you!



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