It may be the coldest month of May in 300 years, but we’ve decided to fight off the misery, by dancing it off! So, tango, milonga and vals, here we come!

Tonight at our tango group class, we’ll see the sanguchito, a traditional tango step, where the man first ‘sandwiches’ the lady’s foot in between his feet. Then the lady comes around and ‘sandwiches’ his foot too with hers.


Oh, sanguchito of course means sandwich in English! 😉 It’s a very playful step, which can be quite dramatic as it allows for plenty of pauses and slow moves. It’s also the perfect occasion for ladies to show off their adornments as they go over their partner’s foot – caricia (caress, either their leg or, much more fun, their partner’s), golpetico (tap), rulos (circles). The limit is one’s own imagination!

If you want to join us tonight and fight off the misery with us, check our group tango class schedule. Pack up your best socks and see you soon on the dance floor!