Product Description

1 e-lesson for a couple

(Planning to join the two consecutive classes? Click here)

Join our live streaming e-lessons, on Wednesdays and Sundays! They follow our yearly curriculum, so you can progress and develop your tango despite the current situation if you are stuck at home.

We will cover:
– technique and a concept behind it
– application with steps
– connection with music
– when applicable, discovery of tango culture

The lessons are designed to be appealing for both solo dancers with no partner (we will show exercises) and couples. So if you are by yourself don’t fret, we have thought about you!
Please refer to our Facebook page for details of the theme of the day.


(1) buy this ticket in advance
(2) Connect with a PC, mobile or tablet on these times:
– Wednesdays at 7pm, Sunday at 2pm: BEGINNERS AND IMPROVERS
– Wednesdays at 8pm, Sunday at 3pm: INTERMEDIATES AND ADVANCED

You don’t need any software as we will use Youtube as a platform for the streaming. Simply get ready about 10 minutes before class, and click on the link below:

Refresh the link ten minutes before second class if you join two consecutive classes.

e-lessons are 45 min long. PLEASE NOTE we will not check who paid or not – we operate on a trust basis. Please remember tango is our only work and source of income, so please be fair! And if you like what we do, spread the word, invite friends and family nearby or 1000 km away, for a real fun evening!