10/06/2020 Gancho special edition part I

10/06/2020 Gancho special edition part I


Part I of the ‘Ganchos’ series. Part II is here.

Ahhh, the mighty Gancho… a true tango icon. In this special GANCHO workshops we will explore the art behind them, how to maintain balance and communication and have fun with different gancho dynamics, for him and her. The Int/Adv. workshop will include new combinations that will delight everyone who loves tango. We will also give exercises to solo dancers to perfect their ganchos. Best enjoyed together with part II.


* First half of the video: BEGINNERS (45 min)
* Second half: INTERMEDIATES (45 min)

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Link to 10/06/2020 Gancho special edition part I (beginners followed by intermediates)

Did you miss the LIVE lesson? No worries, you can purchase the view to the lesson. We simply ask you NOT to share the link once you have purchased it – it will be for your eyes only :).


(1) buy this ticket
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(3) ENJOY – it is a youtube link so you won’t need anything else, no software required.

Each lesson is 45 min long, so the total video time is 1.5 hours.


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