Every week, you’ll find on our blog class notes and a summary video from our Wednesday and Sunday tango group classes.

These video and notes are meant to help our students remember what they’ve done in class.

Dimension: Directions - Theme: Giro with sacadas

We started with a very simple giro, a classic figure where the follower walks around the leader in 4 steps. For the intermediates, we looked at two giros with sacadas and a change of energy. Great additions to your repertoire if you want a bit of drama.

Summary video


Beginners/Improvers: Simple giro to the leader’s right side

Top tips

  • Leaders: Make sure you position your feet so that you can pivot comfortably on two feet. At the end of the giro, you should finish with your weight on your right leg, not the left.
  • Followers: Tray and take steps of equal size around your partner, in the following sequence: Forward – Side – Backward – Side. Tray and draw a square on the floor.


Intermediates & up: Giro to the right with sacadas and exit in “apilada”

Top tips

  • Leaders: Although you open the embrace at the follower’s forward step, you’ll need to close again at her side step. To enter into the apilada position, you’ll need to start pushing into the floor to create pressure on her.
  • Followers: When you feel the leader pushing against you, you should respond with equal strength.


Intermediates & up: Giro to the right with double boleo

Top tips

  • Leaders: The trick in this step is to lead both boleos whilst keeping your partner in her axis. If you step too far away from her, she’ll have to take a step and won’t be able to do the boleo.
  • Followers: Try and keep your knees together during the double boleo.



Top tips

  • Leader: For the sacadas, you’ll need to practice stepping and pivoting to be able to catch your partner in time.
  • Follower: Whatever your level, you can never practice the giro too much. Practice on your own, make sure you are in your axis and that you draw a square with your feet on the floor, whilst drawing a circle with your chest.