Every week, you’ll find on our blog class notes and a summary video from our Wednesday and Sunday tango group classes.

These video and notes are meant to help our students remember what they’ve done in class.

Dimension: Interactions - Theme: Pasadas / Paradas

Paradas are steps where the leader blocks the follower with his leg, and pasadas are a slightly softer version where the block is done with the foot. They are both very nice and atmospheric steps, used very commonly in tango.

Summary video


Beginners/Improvers: Pasada / parada combination

Top tips

  • Leaders: At the pasada, make sure you establish contact with the follower’s foot, otherwise it is a bit difficult for her to understand the lead.
  • Followers: At the pasada and parada both, make sure you point your foot and keep your knee away from your partner.


Intermediates & up: Pasada from backward ocho

Top tips

  • Leaders: First send the follower in a back ocho, and once you are confident she has put her heel down, then extend your leg for the pasada.
  • Followers: This will feel quite tight, but same technique, keep your foot pointed and your knee away from your partner.


Intermediates & up: Pasada and back cross sandwich

Top tips

  • Leaders: To lead the back sandwich, you need to create a diagonal energy from the torso.
  • Followers: At the back cross, make sure you keep your big toe on the floor.



Top tips

  • Together: Practice the beginner move together, whatever your level. If you are a beginner, practice the basic structure. If you are more advanced, practice the timing and style. Followers, at the parada, make sure you step neither too close not too far from your partner and that you use dissociation to pivot without pulling him out of axis.