Every week, you’ll find on our blog class notes and a summary video from our Wednesday and Sunday tango group classes.

These video and notes are meant to help our students remember what they’ve done in class.

Dimension: Directions- Theme: Forward ocho combinations

In this class, we started with the classic forward ocho. For intermediates, we looked at an adventurous combination using a deep sacada we sometimes call an invasion.

Summary video


Beginners & improvers: Forward ocho

Top tips

  • Leaders: Make sure you dissociate first and the step together with your partner, whilst keeping your dissociation.
  • Followers: Make sure you don’t change weight in the pivots. You should be stepping with the leg close to your partner.


Intermediates & up: Deep sacada in forward ocho

Top tips

  • Leaders: The sacada is created when you change your weight forward.
  • Followers: Make sure you feel the leaders transfer of axis so that you step together in the invasion.



Top tips

  • All: No matter which level you’re at, it always pays to work on the technique of something as fundamental as the forward ocho.