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These video and notes are meant to help our students remember what they’ve done in class.

Dimension: Directions - Theme: Boleos with no pivot

Boleos are whip-like motion which add a bit of oomph to your dancing. There are a lot of different types of boleos - with or without pivot and on the floor or through the air. In this class, we focused on boleos with no pivot to complement our last class on boleos with pivot.

Summary video


Beginners & improvers: Basic boleos

For the basic boleos, please refer to our previous class notes and video.


Intermediates: “Dry” boleo

Top tips

  • Leaders: As you make your partner step to the side, put a bit of pressure (gently!) on her back to make her step strongly and keep a tight embrace. Your objective is to make her feel that in the boleo, she shouldn’t pivot.
  • Followers: The boleo comes from the hip, so try and control your supporting leg so that it doesn’t pivot. Try and find the internal “rebound” within yourself to create the whip-like effect in the boleo.


Intermediates: Boleo with stumble

Top tips

  • Leaders: For the stumble, imagine someone is pulling you by the hips. Move your legs only when you feel that you are about to lose your balance. There is a feeling of falling in the stumble, but it is controlled!
  • Followers: Step forward with the leader but as you transfer your weight on the right leg, make sure you sustain your core muscles and don’t collapse forward.



Top tips

  • Leaders: The difference between boleos with pivots and without pivots is in the lead. Without pivot, the shoulder which faces the follower’s supporting leg should stay as still as possible and you should only dissociate from the other shoulder. With pivot, both shoulders move. Try and lead both and see if your partner cacn tell the difference.
  • Followers: All boleos start with the knees together, one behind the other and the foot pointed and winged out. Practise getting in this position smoothly as it is the key to all boleos.


See you soon on the dancefloor,

Nati y Bruno