The festival will include 4 milongas in London:

Friday evening: opening at Negracha, with Daniel and Cristina giving the first workshop of the festival (the art of close embrace) at 7.30pm, followed by a night of dancing until 5am.
Performances around 11.30pm: Maria Tsiatsiani & Leandro Palou and 'Los Zucca' Magdalena Valdez & Roberto Zuccarino.
DJs: PuntoyBranca (Arg), Diego Doigneau (Arg), and Ivan (Arg)

Saturday evening: GALA at Corrientes, with the London Tango Orchestra playig two sets of live music. Milonga opens at 9.30pm, last tanda at 2.30am.
Performances around 11.30pm: Cristina Sosa & Daniel Nacucchio, Kim & David Benitez. Ronda de maestros.

Sunday evening: milonga at Los Angelitos, from 9.30pm to 2.30am. Free glass of wine for all participants.
Performances around 11.30pm: Jimena Hoeffner & Fernando Carrasco, Miriam Orcutt & Dante Culcuy. Music in the expert hands of DJ Ricardo 'El Tordo' Peixoto.

Monday evening: cool down milonga at Los Angelitos from 9.30pm to midnight. Ronda de maestros. DJ Tony Walker will make your closing night a memorable one!


Grab the 3-NIGHT MILONGA PASS (Friday to Sunday) for only £46. Available for a little longer, so grab yours quickly!
Note: Monday closing milonga sold separately (only £12)

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