Experts revealed that tango was actually a key factor of social integration in Argentina during the 19th century. By voicing the concerns and feelings of a population who otherwise had no voice helped to get people talking and expressing themselves.

Tango lyrics talk about the hardships of life; poverty, love (or lack of love!) and solitude, whilst communicating dreams of good fortune, travelling, luxury and wealth. This helped people to realise that together they had an identity and a voice.

Tango never talked about anything controversial such as politics, religion, etc. In fact, for a country obsessed with football, there’s not a single tango song talking about it! Thank goodness… Says a lot though doesn’t it?

By giving a beat to a nation, tango gave it in fact a heartbeat, the heartbeat of a rich and sensual dance and of two people whose encounter on the dance floor leads to rich and endless danced conversations.

This may be why tango is becoming popular for the second time. Tango, originally portrayed a feeling of loneliness to help bring people together. In a society which is increasingly de-humanised and impersonal, tango provides a creative way for people to express themselves, no matter who they are, where they come from, and whether they in fact speak the same language.

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