Our 2014 tango holidays simply were as fantastic as last year’s. Touring milongas, taking classes with world tango champions, shopping for tango shoes, visiting Buenos Aires, trying delicious specialties… every moment was filled with the very special feeling that makes Argentina and Buenos Aires, a place like no other on Earth.

Browse through the pictures to see what we’ve been up to all this time!

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Cristi and Dani, the tango world champions 2008 and the group instructors gave an energetic performance in their unique style at the Milonga Los Zucca.
Wednesday night is Milonguita night, a beautiful milonga just across the street from la Viruta.
We are in Caminito, and so is Pope Francis!
We went to the stage tango final during which 20 couples performed achoreography to a piece of music they had chosen.
We took a stroll in Recoleta cemetary - where Eva Perron and a lot of dignitaries now rest.
Lorena Ermocida and Pancho always give energising classes!
On Sunday, we went to the San Telmo street market, a great occasion to buy local crafts and enjoy original performances.
Samba and bolero artists performed at the peña del Colorado where we had our welcome dinner. Much better than elevator music!
We loved the tango and milonga class with Maria Angeles Rodriguez and Felix Cosato.
We had a wonderful day in la pampa at the pretty village of San Antonio de Areco.
Thursday night. Where to go? Milonga Los Zucca of course (previously know as Niño Bien)!
They've been performing for years for a reason - meet la bomba del tiempo, a percussion band performing improvised pieces.
We couldn't see every concert at the Tango Festival, but we tried our best. Fantastibulous... and free!