Gift buying is without a doubt one of the most stressful things on this planet. There wasn’t even any exaggeration there whatsoever. It really is!

If you barely know the person you’re buying or even if you couldn’t be closer to them; it can be impossible to find something they’ll love. Something they won’t lose, throw away – or maybe even sell! A smile masking a disappointed face, especially on a significant occasion, is one of the worst encounters and it is an extremely high priority of ours to prevent this from ever happening.

Our tango gift vouchers are perfect for anybody for any occasion. Whether you’re struggling with a birthday, Christmas, a wedding gift or you just feel like treating somebody you care about, our vouchers will ensure that they have an experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. They’ll never be able to lose or throw away this gift, as it’s not at all materialistic. They will have lived it so it will have sentimental value – all the best presents do. Age, gender, previous dance experience, dance attire, etc aren’t even factors when it comes to our tango sessions. We have a wide range of students proving that tango really is enjoyable for anybody.

To find out which voucher is the best match for the occasion you have in mind, visit our gift vouchers page, or if find out more about how we teach or our group classes check our website.

By Emma Langschied