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Enrique Rodriguez was an amazing Argentine tango composer, quite controversial at times. Born in Buenos Aires, Rodriguez was quite daring when he composed: merging genres, sneaking in cheeky little instruments and refusing to play anything but cheerful or romantic tunes. These admirable risks paid off as he became extremely popular in Argentina and in the remainder of Latin America, although faced criticism by some for his musical choices.


Enrique Rodriguez, a true revolutionary for his time

Enrique Rodriguez specialised in playing the bandoneon. He experimented with a variety of different genres and nationalities of music, it pleased his fans but in the end he went back to performing dance music, his original obsession, which got audiences on their feet, singing and dancing. Download and discover Rodriguez’s incredible career in our orchestra discovery sheet here (PDF).

You can also read our translations and analysis of some of Rodriguez’s most lovely tunes, starting with his famous hit song, LLORAR POR UNA MUJER, an amazing tune that will stay in your head for a long time. Get ready to shed a tear or two!