Very famous artists as well as unknown milongueros have said beautiful, moving, inspiring, funny things about tango. This is just a short selection of quotes we particularly liked.

January 15, 2020

23 little tango gems

By |January 15th, 2020|

Let's keep the festive atmosphere a little bit longer... Here's an easy access to the 23 little tango gems we published for our Advent Calendar. To be enjoyed before or after Christmas without any moderation...

December 10, 2016

Jorge Borges and tango

By |December 10th, 2016|

★ Advent Calendar : 1 of your 5 tango gems a day! ★

Jorge Luis Borges is one of the most famous Argentine artist around the world. He is also well known for his very beautiful quotes about tango...

November 10, 2016

A beautiful tango quote

By |November 10th, 2016|

From el Flaco Dany Garcia, an Argentine tango maestro...

December 15, 2013

A beautiful tango quote

By |December 15th, 2013|

★ Advent Calendar : 1 of your 5 tango gems a day! ★

A beautiful quote by Doris Humphrey

March 30, 2012

We do like Miguel Zotto’s quotes!

By |March 30th, 2012|

Another very inspiring quote from Miguel Zotto to get your tango weekend started: “There should never be a rush to do a...

February 28, 2012

Tango quote from Miguel Zotto

By |February 28th, 2012|

"Trust is also important. When you dance with a partner, you are close...