His orchestra neither achieved the musical recognition that the orchestras of Aníbal Troilo, Carlos Di Sarli or Osvaldo Fresedo had, nor produced the popular phenomenon of the Juan D’Arienzo orchestra, but since 1940 up to the present, tango generations never stopped their respect and admiration towards him.

His orchestra had magic and that magic was perceived without need of grandiloquence. Everything was achieved through its simplicity and its good taste.

“Tanda of the week” compiled beautiful tandas from D’Agostino – an inspired way to get in the mood for this weekend milongas.

Beautiful, soft arrangements from 1945

Discover and listen to the tanda
1. Rondando tu esquina
2. Cuando se ha querido mucho
3. De igual a igual
4. No vendrá

Tango Classics from 1941

Tango Classes London | D'agostino picture
 Discover and listen to the tanda
1. El yacaré
2. Adios arrabal
3. Una pena
4. Tres esquinas

Around Café Dominguez

Discover and listen to the tanda
1. Café Domínguez
2. Ahora no me conocés
3. Sólo compasión
4. Caricias

See you soon on the dancefloor!

Abrazo, Nathalie

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