Caminito (“little path” in Spanish) is a traditional alley, located in La Boca, the colorful neighborhood of Buenos Aires, which used to the city industrial and commercial harbor.

During the 1800s, a small stream flowing into the Riachuelo River ran along the route where Caminito is now. When the stream dried up, tracks for the Ferrocarril Buenos Aires y Puerto de la Ensenada were installed.In 1954, the rail line was closed and the area where Caminito is now was abandoned and became a landfill.

Over the following three years, artist Benito Quinquela Martín painstakingly applied pastel colors to the walls facing the abandoned street, giving it the appearance we know now. The artist was a friend of composer Juan de Dios Filiberto, who in 1926 created the well-known tune by the same name.

In 1959, Caminito was officially opened and Tita Merello, Marta and Waldo de los Ríos and the municipal symphonic orchestra, among others, played.

While the Caminito of la Boca is associated with the song written by Filiberto and Penoloza, the little path that Penoloza referred to in his verses is most probably a little road in the riojano vilage of Olta in Northern Argentina.

You can listen to the song and read the lyrics below.


The song

A beautiful version sung by Libertad Lamarque


A classic… with Carlos Gardel


The lyrics

Caminito que el tiempo ha borrado,
que juntos un día nos viste pasar,
he venido por última vez,
he venido a contarte mi mal.

Caminito que entonces estabas
bordado de trébol y juncos en flor,
una sombra ya pronto serás,
una sombra lo mismo que yo.

Desde que se fue
triste vivo yo,
caminito amigo,
yo también me voy.

Desde que se fue
nunca más volvió.
Seguiré sus pasos…
Caminito, adiós.

Caminito que todas las tardes
feliz recorría cantando mi amor,
no le digas, si vuelve a pasar,
que mi llanto tu suelo regó.

Caminito cubierto de cardos,
la mano del tiempo tu huella borró…
Yo a tu lado quisiera caer
y que el tiempo nos mate a los dos.

Little path forgotten by time
where we used to stroll together,
I have come for the last time,
I have come to tell you my pain.

Little path, you were then,
bordered by clover and flowering reeds,
a shadow you will soon be,
a shadow, like me.

Since she left,
I live in sadness,
Little path, my friend,
I am leaving too.

She left,
and never came back.
I’ll follow her steps…
Little path, good bye.

Little path, in the happy days,
I used to come here singing my love.
If she passes through again, don’t tell her
that my tears have watered your tracks.

Little path covered with thistle,
the hand of time erased your track…
I would like to fall beside you
and let time kill us both.

Translation by Tanguito


Nati & Bruno