Please allow us to go on a tangent for a second….

Did you know logo had a meaning? The arrow shows that Amazon stocks everything from a to z and also represents the smile brought to customers faces.

Apple logo has its sources from Adam and Eve’s story, with the apple representing the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Of course, you cannot miss the pun on “byte/bite”.

Well, Tanguito logo too had a real story and meaning behind it… Today, we open up and reveal its secrets to the entire world… well, you Advent Calendar addicts at least! 🙂

In Buenos Aires, most tango dancers will tell you that tango is all about the lady. You often hear that ladies are a diamond, and that far from being a mere ‘follower’, they are the object of tango. This means that the role of a good leader, of a true milonguero, is to make her shine on the dancefloor.

With this idea being so central to tango, we thought we ought to make it central to Tanguito too and so we did, in our teaching style and in our logo.

In our logo, the letters used to write “Tanguito” represents the male dancer – solid, grounded, but also smooth and elegant. The butterfly represents the female dancer – full of energy, creative, expressive, feminine. The butterfly is where the eye is drawn but this is only because it is set against the word Tanguito written in black letters. A reflection of what a true tango ‘relationship’ is, interconnected and interdependent.

Abrazo, Nati y Bruno

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