We are welcoming tango dancers to come and perform at Los Angelitos, to showcase their skill and art, or practice performing in front of a room of fellow milongueros/as – perfect for those who want to compete at a Tango Championship, introduce a new show or classes, etc.

London, show us you are developing your tango at an impressive pace and that you are becoming a major place in the world to dance and enjoy tango! We’re proud of you!

The concept

Short and strong: the couple performs one song of their choice, so it showcases their strongest skill and also doesn’t interrupt the milonga for very long. Performances will be around 11pm. There is no budget set aside for dancers, as it is not a call for seasoned professionals to come and perform for a fee, but is designed for dancers interested in gaining experience in performing.

How to come and perform

Contact us if you are interested about performing at a future date.

A few tips:

– Advanced dancers
– Send us the music file of your song of choice in advance
– Come dressed for a performance – your nicest suit will work best
– Don’t arrive at the last moment