Saturday’s Milonguita (tango party for beginners)

I really enjoyed the Milonguita. I met lovely people!
Kath, first time Milonguitera


Opening with a mesmerising concert from a Buenos Aires couple, singing and playing the tango classics beautifully, and of course songs from their new album as well as their own take on Somewhere Over The Rainbow, especially for us. Ana, an Argentine currently residing in Paris, filled the hall with her delicate and tender voice, and it was as if time had stopped for a moment. She also interpreted “Les feuilles mortes” with an emotion in her voice – original singer and actor Yves Montand would have liked it, we feel.

Tanguito | singer

[Ana Karina Rossi and Horacio Gomez’s latest album: Aller-Retour]

Next, the beginners class was relocated to the main hall, to allow for more room for the dancers. With a range of different levels of tango experience, including quite a few for whom it was the first time to try tango, the class focused on ochos – with a twist. The various varieties of ochos allowed everybody to happily get to work on the no matter what their tango experience was. We started with what Nathalie called ‘deep ochos’ – an ocho step in which the dissociation makes the lady pivot more than the usual 180 degrees, making the couple move forward. We also explored ‘Anti-ochos’, a very interesting variation, which would be a bit complicated to explain in words, but which I really enjoyed!

After the class, we all relocated to the Milonguita hall (the hall reserved for beginners) and we started the milonga. Fresedo, Pugliese, Di Sarli, Canaro and Calo… All my favourite tunes were played in the cosy hall, filled with soft coloured light that Pablo, the organiser of the Light, had kindly arranged for Milonguita. We soon had to taste the cakes that had been ordered for Nathalie’s birthday and Tanguito’s anniversary – it wasn’t for the faint at heart with all the cream and chocolate, but as Bruno told me, ‘you will need plenty of energy for your night of dancing!’. I don’t know if I burned all the calories, but I only stopped dancing to rest at about 11pm!

Some of the Milonguita dancers ventured in the main hall and got invited by more advanced dancers… It was quite fun, although a bit scary at first. To conclude I’d say I am looking forward to the next Milonguita – some time in September.