e’ve already discussed what makes a good leader, so it only seems fair to examine what makes a good follower. What is it that makes those that follow a lead stand out amongst the others, consequently becoming labelled a ‘good’ follower and a pleasure to dance with? Here are our 5 top tips.

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1. Core strength and arm tension

Although followers rely on their partner for support and guidance, they still need to have their own strength and to move themselves. In tango, the lead is always an ‘invitation’ to move, so as followers, we need to “receive” the leader’s energy by keeping a strong core and arm and transmit this energy to move our lower body. The torso and the arms server as a communication central, so a strong core and a tiny bit of resistance in the arm are needed for swift, smooth moves. A follower who can keep their side of the embrace strong is a definite winner. Think Popeye but with a sexy skirt!


2. Style. Manner. Chic. Personality

All favourable qualities in a follower’s dance approach. Followers who add their own sparkle to the dance are the ones that stand out. Sparkling might mean stunning adornments but simple beautiful technique has an unmissable appeal. Brushing your knees and your feet together at each step, keeping your feet nicely together at neutral position, using the inside of your free foot to ‘meaningfully’ caress the floor – all these say a lot on the dancefloor and more often than not make the difference between an average follower and a stunning dancer. You’ve never seen Geraldine Rojas with her toes pointing inwards, have you?

Coming soon: balance and precision and adornos and a secret tip!

Abrazo, Nathalie & Emma

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