Unique opportunity!
👉 Pack 5-week (all 5 lessons, £99 instead of £125). Buy HERE YOUR PACKAGE.

Learn, or drastically improve your vals & milonga skills with intercontinental champions! The amazing Juan Martin Carrara and Stefania Colina will teach how to dance vals (2 sessions) & milonga (3 sessions), or for those who already do, take you to the next level.

You can join solo or in couples. The maestros recommend you attend all sessions for best results but you can nevertheless join whenever you can, if you cannot attend them all.

🤩 The Vals & Milonga course workshops every Tuesday will be followed by social dancing until midnight, with no other than DJ Juan Martin! This will be a Guided Practica, which means you can dance or ask questions.


You are welcome to join the 7pm beginner class as the ‘other role’ (for eg. as a leader if you are a follower and curious about leading) and switch back to your usual role for the 8pm workshop.


Dates & times

  • Workshop 1: Tuesday May 9th @ 8pm: Vals 1: Vals & Valses: the different types of vals, including criollo, rhythmical and more.
  • Workshop 2: Tuesday May 16th @ 8pm: Vals 2: New Cadena Combinations for Vals.
  • Workshop 3: Tuesday May 23th @ 8pm: Milonga 1 The different rhythms of Milonga.
  • Workshop 4: Tuesday May 30th @ 8pm: Milonga 2. Traspie technique and combinations.
  • Workshop 5: Tuesday June 6th @ 8pm: Milonga 3. Traspie technique and combinations.

All workshops are 1.5hrs and begin after the beginner class (from 7 to 8pm). After the workshop you can stay at the guided practica with the maestros (included at no extra cost).


👉 Pay as you go, one workshop (includes social dancing afterwards): £25pp. Pay at the door. Package, see above.


  • In-depth technique
  • Vals: how to play with the rhythm, and make it fluid and “flowy” as vals are
  • Milonga: from Lisa to Trapie: how to get quicker on your feet
  • How to adapt your embrace to both
  • How to move in vals & milonga compared to tango: pisada, caminata, what body parts are more emphasized in movement
  • Tips to convey information and communicate faster
  • Typical and not so typical vals & milonga steps and sequences
  • Playing with the rhythm and phrasing
  • Add fun in your vals & milonga dancing: sequences that will make your partner have a big smile