Although you’ll feel hot from warming up make sure you wrap up warm when travelling to class or a milonga otherwise your loosened muscles will be exposed to the cold and contract and you’ll have to start all over again! Try to keep mobile too, the more you work your muscles the looser they will stay.



It sounds obvious but it’s surprising how many people forget to drink before, during and after exercise and become dehydrated. Being dehydrated is the most common cause of fatigue during the day and can can affect your short-term memory – both very important for dancers! If you find that you get headaches when you exercise or feel light headed then you really need to drink more. Energy drinks, like Lucozade or Powerade, are good too, although they are high in sugar so remember water is just as good at keeping you hydrated. To be ready for your tango class, make sure you’ve had a drink before the class and bring a bottle of water with you to keep coming back to or help yourself from the table at the front.


With all of these 5 things ticked off your checklist, you’re ready to go! You’ll be full of energy, relaxed and loosened up so you’ll be more flexible, more able to concentrate and far less likely to injure yourself!