Get up, washed, dressed, feed the kids, walk the kids to school, drive to work, greet clients, check your boss got the report – my point is, we do a lot in a day let alone a week, so how much drifts out of our brains never to be seen again? A LOT (or er… is that just me?).

Tanguito | 5 ways to... practice between classes 5/5

Is it humanly possible to remember every minute of the two hours spent in a tango class with everything else going on? My guess is no. But never fear, because there is a page in our student section that breaks down every one of the ten most vital steps for you! And don’t worry, there are plenty of pictures, very little text whatsoever.

So if you have a couple of minutes spare before a class, have a cheeky look online. You’ll be amazed at how quickly everything will come back to you, and you’ll be near enough at the level you were when you left class last time and ready to try new steps!

By Emma Langschied