Tango wouldn’t be tango without music, so as dancer we have to learn to embrace it and adapt to its rhythm; the pace, the tone, the style, the message.


When you’re at home; cooking dinner, reading the paper, tickling the dog (you get the idea) – stick some music on and get accustomed to the tango genre. If you’re tired, have a think about what emotion the song is trying to convey, even if you don’t speak Spanish it’s still possible to tell just by listening. If you have more energy, or perhaps you just can’t help yourself – get on your feet! Step, spin, slide, bounce, do-whatever-you-want in time to the music! Obviously tango steps would be better practice but don’t stress about it, just feel the music.

Try to express the emotion of the song in whatever you’re doing. Stir the baked beans you’re cooking as if they’ve just broken your heart, or chase your dog around as though you’ve just met the most amazing girl and you want to tell him all about her. Practice communicating the connection between yourself and the song through your body and facial expressions – quick whilst no one’s looking! Then, hopefully next time you’re in class, you will subconsciously notice the music and adapt without the risk of over thinking it or panicking.

By Emma Langschied